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We want to be welcomed into your pack!   We offer FREE meet and greets to see if we are a match for your beloved pets.  We want our clients to be 100% happy with our services.

We provide a free consultation visit where we become familiar with your home and your pets. Here we learn their routine and make sure they are comfortable with us. We also review our contract and policies with you, answer any questions, receive payment, and the keys to your home. Estimated duration of visit is up to 60 minutes.
Our Team

Our Pack

PACK LEADER- Teresa (Terri) L. Cusano (TLC) - I have always shared a love for animals. I take pride in putting smiles on my client's faces and wags on each and every beloved pet. I wanted to start this endeavor with my daughter.  I could not let her affection for animals go unrewarded.  I hope to achieve great success with our dedication, adoration and respect for pets and their parents.  As far as my initials go (TLC), that is how I approach life and all animals- with much tender loving care!!

**My childhood pets were Shu Shu and Lambchops.  Recently, my beloved Cat made it to his 20th birthday.  Delilah is the fur doggie love of my life.  She is our  15 y.o. yellow lab - Yes, 15!  That is a lot of lovin'.  She still has the spirit of a puppy.  I am her person.  We recently adopted 2 kitties from the shelters.  Daffodil (@10 weeks, now 5.5 y.o) loves to cuddle.   She frequently gets caught drinking out of the toilet-  Don't judge her!  "Dilly" is very intuitive- she seems to know when someone is feeling down and will come to comfort you.  I think she is BRILLIANT!!!  Dandelion a,k,a, Dandy  (@3 mo., now 5 y.o) is our Flerkin- quite mischievous.  She knows how to open doors, dumpster dives, gives lots of smooshes - I am her "property".  She is quite beautiful but not so bright - so our favorite saying is - "Oh, she's so pretyyyy" but let me tell you - she is feisty in the cutest way possible. Both are quite talkative which makes for some interesting and entertaining conversations.


I have been in the Real Estate industry for over 30 years and own my own company.  I wish to now devote my time to taking care of peoples 4 legged (more or less) cherished gifts.

PACK MEMBER/PET CARE SPECIALIST- Julia Hasselberger - Hi I’m Julia. I am so proud to be a member of the Pet Nannies team.  I enjoy meeting all of your beautiful fur children and providing the utmost care.  I have been a pet care specialist now for 5 years and have cherished every moment!  I have a rescue mission and have 7 adopted and very spoiled cats of my own.  

TLC- VERO.jpeg

      Terri Cusano
  Pack Leader/Pet Care           Specialist

Julia Hasselberger
Pack Member/Pet Care Specialist

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