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Changing Lives Every Day One Dog at A Time



With over 15 years experience, our preferred Trainer has had the opportunity to work and attend seminars with with Martin Deeley (The Florida Dog Trainer) Tyler Muto, Joel Silverman Professional Dog Trainer, Duke Fergueson Unleashed Potential K9 Academy , Cesar Millan Dog Whisperer and many online webinars with different well renowned trainers.



From the very moment we bring a dog into our lives, we need to adjust OUR behaviors, as well as be a good leader for our dogs. Our energy around our dogs speaks volume to either encourage bad behaviors or good ones.


To be successful with your dog and create the bond, he must learn to trust you as his leader, therefore  through applied training with the trainer and your being consistent with training you have developed a great bond between you and your dog. However, remember it is up to you to keep up the training so your dog will understand its position and what is expected.


Behavior problems  just do not appear! There is a reason why we see behaviors with dogs that are not favorable.  It comes from lack of socialization, structure, rules, boundaries and limitations in the relationship between human and dog. Dogs need a strong leader! This  gives the dog security and confidence, which in turn your dog will not only love you but will trust and respect you as his leader.



We focus on helping people create a bond and a balanced relationship through applied techniques, obedience, leadership, socialization and behavior modification with their dogs. 


Dog owners are at different levels of having a dog so we start with a 60 minute hands on evaluation and consultation.  The trainer will observe the dynamics in the home, this will help determine what you would like to accomplish throughout the training. When we have completed the consultation, we then move forward to the type of program  needed that best suits you and your dog.  After all, it is important that YOU understand how to train your dog. 


Remember- Be open, receptive, patient and willing to learn and you will have the dog you always hoped to have, a well balanced member of your family!

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