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Providing a Full Range of Bathing Services for Dogs


Rest assured, we’ve got it all covered!

We are proud to offer personalized bathing services to suit your preferences and the particular needs of your pet. From cleaning to pampering your pooch with an in-home spa treatment , our experienced team is ready to deliver the highest level of service with quality products including hypo-allergenic shampoo & conditioner (or your own).

Our team is well-versed in using the right tools and techniques to care for your furry family members. During the bathing process, we work to ensure your pet’s complete comfort and safety.

******Pricing varies depending on pet size (S/M/L) and coat texture and length.

Bath & Brush- Prices starting from $35 

Experience our premium shampoo, conditioner and brush service that will leave your dog not only smelling amazing but also feeling their best. 

Bath & Blow- Prices starting from $45

Style is key. Premium bath plus blowout which can help create a smooth and attractive look. 

Bath & Beauty - Prices Starting from $65



In-home Spa Day is our full service pamper treatment. 


  • Shampoo & conditioning, blow out

  • Peticure

  • Ear Cleanse



  • Anal gland expression  $25

  • 10 min. Massage          $15

Turn your dirty dog into a clean dog. Whether  in-between grooms or coming home to a freshly bathed pup, count on us.

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